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Shop Fittings Specialists

Soluções em Acrílico

Acrylic Solutions

We develop custom acrylic projects. We have everything in signage, displays, parts and articles and protection systems.

Projeto de Peças por Medida

Customized Shop Concepts

Study, design and manufacture of made-to-measure items such as Boxes, Trays, Cutting Boards, Dispensers, Displays, Frames, etc.

Sistemas de Entrada e Saída

Entrance and Exit Systems

Electronic gates, mechanical gates and separation bays. Different types and models for all uses and needs.
Sistemas de Gestão de Filas

Queue Management Systems

Queue management devices and systems such as Display Bowl, Queue Master, Safety Master and Weather Master, among others.
Cestos de Compras

Shopping Baskets

Shopping baskets with handles and Genplus handles, Genslide, Easy Shopper, J Bag, Gencar and many others.

Cacifos e Complementos

Lockers and Accessories

Sale of lockers and changing room benches, as well as accessories and accessories for changing rooms, floors and floors.
Bandejas Gastronorm

Gastronorm Trays

Food trays and cuvettes in gastronorm format for restaurants and hotels in accordance with European standards.
Acrílicos de Proteção

Protection Acrylics

Protection partitions, service protectors, table separators, separators for tvde vehicles and taxis, among others.